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The holiday season is upon us! This year we decided to highlight our titles from around the world – from the Caribbean to the Middle East and Asia. We want you to read (and gift) a world of difference this holiday season. 

We believe that supporting Canadian literature this year is just as important and rewarding as ever. Before you go to the bookstores (or our website) check out the guide below to find the perfect book for your family, friends, and coworkers. 

We’ve highlighted seven areas of interest around the world to help you read more diverse titles and read a world of difference. 

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Our first stop on our reading around the world tour is Europe. Some of these titles are deeply passionate immigrant stories that will move you. 

Yellow Watch: Journey of a Portuguese Woman, Carmelina Scian
Adrift, Loren Edizel
The Perfect Unravelling of the Spirit, Irene Marques
The Ghosts of Smyrna, Loren Edizel


Our second stop is the Middle East. These books are incredibly moving and detail such incredible stories in poems, memoirs, and fiction.  

Waiting for the Rain: An Iraqi Memoir, Lamees Al Ethari
Wanting in Arabic, Trish Salah
Echoes from the Other Land, Ava Homa
To Love a Palestinian Woman, Ehab Lotayef
Turkish Delight, Montreal Winter, Sonia Saikaley


It’s time to head to Africa and discover all there is to offer. We’ve got some award-winning titles; from being longlisted on Canada Reads to winning the Governor General’s Award. 

The Youth of God, Hassan Ghedi Santur
Descent into Night, Edem Awumey
Maame (Mother), Elizabeth Allua Vaah
Where the Baedeker Leads, James Yeku


Let’s head somewhere tropical next and enjoy the poems of Dannabang Kuwabong and Sasenarine Persaud and then move into an anthology edited by Cyril Dabydeen. What a travel experience the Caribbean is! 

Sargasso Sea Scrolls, Dannabang Kuwabong
Mattress Makers, Sasenarine Persaud
de book of Joseph, Pamela Mordecai
An Island is a World, Sam Selvon
Bittersweet, Natasha Ramoutar
Beyond Sangre Grande, Cyril Dabydeen


Now that we’ve spent some time in the Caribbean, it’s time to move over to Asia. This list was so hard to narrow down to just a few authors and one of their books. If you like one of these titles mentioned, you should check out if the author has written anything else! 

Picture Bride, C Fong Hsiung
Miah, Julia Lin
The Mask, Terry Watada
Flesh, Tongue, Yaya Yao
Spiritual Pursuits and Other Stories, Lien Chao
Shadows of the Crimson Sun, Julia Lin


We’re now moving into South Asia. These various titles from our South Asian authors include a translated series, novels, and poetry. 

Bodymap, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Reminders on the Path, Sheniz Janmohamed
His Sacred Army: Book 1 of Prison of Dreams, Devakanthan translated by Nedra Rodrigo
Keepers of the Faith, Shaukat Ajmeri
Nila the Bleeding Garden, Laila Re
The Red One, Safia Fazlul


Our last stop to reading more diverse books, and reading around the world leads us to our Indigenous authors. Message Sticks is a bilingual poetry collection that is worth checking out (for yourself or a gift for someone). 

SH:LAM (The Doctor), Joseph A Dandurand
Message Sticks (Tshissinuatshitakana), Joséphine Bacon translated by Phyllis Aronoff
Assi Manifesto,Natasha Kanapé Fontaine translated by Howard Scott
Do Not Enter My Soul in Your Shoes, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine translated by Howard Scott

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