Holi: Spring Festival of Colours March 8, 2023 – Posted in: Readings & Excerpts – Tags: , ,

From Mattress Makers, by Sasenarine Persaud.

May there always be spring in our eyes
and fingers, feet: pink ixoras, red hibiscus
mauve madar—green buds everywhere

Even live oaks’ allergenic dust coating everything
yellow, golden gainda, daddy said, not marigolds
pani re pani tera rang kaisa—is it rain—or

Water what is your colour? Or plucked stings
Mukesh mixing easily with jhaals chiming
from UP: Holi Khele Raghuvira Awadh Mein

May we sing for a thousand years—more—
chowtals, olaras—Mamas crafting coconut gojias
dholaks in arteries, hearts, ancestry’s souls season

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