The question we all should really be asking this February February 9, 2021 – Posted in: Readings & Excerpts

Elizabeth Vaah, author of Maame, wrote a blog post for TD Stories, discussing how we should approach Black History Month in 2021. Here’s a short excerpt of the piece.

After George Floyd was killed, I just didn’t have the energy to work. For a few days I didn’t feel like logging onto my computer or being chatty during video meetings and smiling as images of Floyd’s last moments struggling to breathe under a police officer’s knee flashed through my mind.

Worse, I had no words of comfort for my young son. The world had just witnessed someone who looked like him being dehumanized by one of the very institutions I taught him and his siblings to respect.

My children asked me to explain to them what had happened. And for a few days, I could only stare back at them in disbelief. I didn’t have the words.

Read the full article at TD Stories.

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