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More about Kagiso:

Kagiso Lesego Molope was born and educated in South Africa. Her first novel, Dancing in the Dust (Mawenzi House) was on the IBBY Honour List for 2006. Her second novel, The Mending Season, was chosen to be on the school curriculum in South Africa. This Book Betrays My Brother was awarded the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize by the English Academy of Southern Africa, where it was first published. The Canadian edition received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews, glowing praise from School Library Journal, Quill & Quire, and Canadian Children’s Book News; and it was on multiple lists, including being Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018, Best Books for Kids and Teens (Fall 2018), Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books 2018 CBC Books’ Top YA Pick for 2018, and The Globe 100 (2018). Her latest novel, Such a Lonely, Lovely Road, also received glowing praise from Quill & Quire, along with inclusion in multiple library lists for Black History Month. What’s next for Kagiso? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Fun facts:

-I read books very slowly, when I’m moved by a great sentence, I get lost. I may need to read it again or I may get inspired to write a book…you never know. It takes a long time to actually finish the book I started reading.
-I am afraid of never completely feeling at home anywhere in the world
-I am afraid of that moment when I start feeling completely at home somewhere in the world
-I’ve snuggled lion cubs
-I’m afraid of all moving water: rapids, waves, waterfalls, all of it…
-I didn’t read a book by a Black author until I was in my late teens
-I want to spend all my life being a traveling novelist
-I plan to spend my later years writing every day and eating only potato chips and dip
-I’ve been everywhere in Canada except Saskatchewan and Newfoundland/Labrador
-My new book is the first I’m writing about Canada
-If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be Cabo Verde (and I hope they have great potato chips)

Book Recommendation:

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