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Struggling to find the perfect gift? It’s no secret that books are a great choice, but let’s face it…not just any book will do! Supporting diverse Canadian lit this year is just as important (and rewarding!)

Imagine helping your friend or family member discover their next favourite author that they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves. You’ll be the holiday lit(erary) hero in no time at all! So before you hit the bookstores, check out our Super Seven Holiday Gift Guide to up the ante on your shopping list this year.

(Caution…using this gift guide may result in higher expectations for future events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. No need to worry though, because we’ll have more recommendations when the time comes).

We’re all about Canadian Literature here at Mawenzi House!

The Somali Camel Boy |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Miah |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
The Youth of God |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
The Ghosts of Smyrna |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|


Show the poet in your life some love with these great choices!

Rouge |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Another Nirvana |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
SH:LAM (The Doctor) |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|

The drama binge-watcher, or the one who is ALWAYS in the know of…well, family drama!

Belief |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Paper Lions |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
New Land Same Sky |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|

New Year’s resolution: start a book club!

Fire Walkers |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
The Fourth Canvas |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
The Harem |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Picture Bride |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Things She Could Never Have|Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Such a Lonely, Lovely Road |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|

Don’t forget the kids!

This Book Betrays My Brother |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
My Totem Came Calling |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Ghost Boys |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|

Small books that pack a long lasting punch!

The Thin Line |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Of Hockey and Hijab |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
de book of Mary |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Message Sticks |Chapters/Indigo|||

For the flat lay experts, floral aficionados, and all other bookstagram themes!

Confluences 2 |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Polychromasia |Chapters/Indigo|||
An Island is a World |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|
Looking Back, Moving Forward |Chapters/Indigo|||Barnes & Noble|

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