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I don’t need roses or chocolates. What would I do

with buds when they fade, the cracked frieze

of a once living leaf. As for chocolates I suffer

the bane of middle age, a slight protuberance

that needs no additional support. So I will go

now for my morning walk but I have something

to share before I do, news of a poetry channel

on YouTube that grows and grows in viewers.

I am close to one hundred subscribers as I write.

May I imagine crossing that mark on my birthday

next week, then striding onwards. Could a thousand

club members be that far ahead? It is not the number

of course that matters but for how long you stay

to peruse the poems, to give them a hearing in the quiet

of morning, or late at night just before sleep,

or at any time in between. Happy birthday, I say

to myself, and a hundred subscribers reply. Thank you.

Merci. Muchas gracias. Grazie. Obrigado. Nandri.

Indran Amirthanayagam, c) November 13, 2020

Visit Indran’s poetry channel on YouTube here!

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