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Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

We have a great list of Asian-Canadian writers such as C Fong Hsiung, Lien Chao, Yaya Yao, Julia Lin, Kwai-Yun Li, as well as a couple of anthologies. You can read all about these great works through our newsletter by clicking here. The authors listed below, however, are those who were born in the Year of the Pig. Keep reading to find out more about their books, and help us celebrate them as well as all of our Asian-Canadian authors.

Julie Robinson is a former Program Coordinator of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. She lives in Edmonton.

H Nigel Thomas was born in St Vincent. He attended university in Montreal and for ten years was a teacher with the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, before joining the faculty at Laval University, Quebec, from where he recently retired. His published works include the novels Behind the Face of Winter and Return to Arcadia, and the short-story collections, Lives, Whole and Otherwise and When the Bottom Falls Out. He received the Homage to Artists award from Laval University in 2013.

Joséphine Bacon is an aboriginal person from Innue de Betsiamites. She lives in Montreal. Director of film documentaries (Mishtikuashisht – Le Petit Grand Européen: ]ohan Beetz, ONF, 1996), she is equal parts poet and songwriter. Her songs, which include Mishapan Nitassinan, are performed by Chlo Sainte-Marie. She has recently published a series of poems in Aimititau! Parlons-nous!  In 2014 she was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award and in May 2010, Joséphine Bacon was awarded the Prix des lecteurs du Marché de la Poésie de Montréal for her poem “Dessine-moi l’arbre,” from her book Message Sticks/ Tshissinuatshitakana.

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