The Space that Connects Us

In The Space that Connects Us, Mansa Trotman treats her readers to an exquisite slice of heart renderings carefully crafted to create immediate empathy and spark a glow of feelings. The emotions run deep, the humour surfaces loud and clear, and soon one is over the hump of the rough road on which she drags your senses. At first, it may only be one hand clapping, but eventually, the joy at the capacity to speak life in the raw is contagious.

my heart is breaking
when he sounds rushed, annoyed, disinterested
a rip tears down the centre
my heart is breaking
it is tired, overused, abused by others
unsoothed, neglected and malnourished by me
my heart is breaking
and I have no tools to fix it

The Space that Connects Us was able to eliminate the space between romantic love and lust. From the first poem, the book is an excellent read for those on a higher quest for greater love.”
–Kardinal Offishall, Recording Artist


Publication Date: November 2012

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-894770-95-8
Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″
64 pages

Mansa Trotman is a writer whose work is known to grip her audience and readership in the gut, wring it and then move on to elicit laughter, all in the same heartbeat. She has moved from spoken word forums to video renditions, and her work has appeared in several anthologies. She has previously published a chap book of her poetry.