Insurgent Rain

A definitive edition that brings together the best from the published poetry of Rienzi Crusz, who has been called “arguably the best living Sri Lankan poet in English.” (World Literature Today). Crusz is also very much a poet of exile, who speaks about ice in the northern outdoors and in the climate of the heart, reporting to God about his recent whereabouts surrounded by his umbrella of children, concocting his world of cinnabar and basmati even as he spins out dark antonyms in his paradise and finds that glint of pleasure in his snowbound Canadian surroundings. At all times Crusz displays that gift of language and image in “batik profusion” for which he has come to be admired.

. . . a true poet of the displaced self, with sorrow beneath its bemused surface.”
–Zulfikar Ghose

The poems in this collection have been selected and thematically arranged by Chelva Kanaganayakam, who provides a cultural introduction to the work.


Publication Date: 1997

eBook ISBN: 978-1-927494-32-5


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Photo of Rienzi Crusz

Rienzi Crusz was born in Sri Lanka and came to Canada in 1965. Educated at the Universities of Ceylon, London (England), Toronto, and Waterloo. He has widely published in magazines in Canada and the United States, and is the author of ten previous collections of poetry.

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