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More about Faizal:

Faizal Deen was born in Georgetown, Guyana and immigrated to Canada as an adoptee in 1977. He holds degrees from several Canadian universities, including Queen’s University and the University of Windsor. He has lived in many countries, including Jamaica and South Korea, and has travelled extensively throughout Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. He currently resides in Ottawa.

Fun facts:

-I love watching The View because I prefer getting mainstream takes on today’s news through conversations led by women.

-I used to teach EFL kindergarten in Seoul, South Korea, for almost nine years!

-I have inherited the yearning my mother had for some missing, mythic Guyana. So, I spend a lot of time reflective

-I secretly watched Game of Thrones with obsession and panic.

-Recently, I have been revisiting a lot of old house and disco music. Arthur Russell continues to be on my mind.

-I have been writing poems that happen after HIV/AIDS.

-I love soft ice cream.

-Jamaica is my favourite place on Earth!

-For years, my week’s successes and failures were determined by whether or not Serena Williams had added to her trophy collection. As most final matches are held on Sundays, I would wake up on Monday morning feeling either at one with the universe or feeling sour.

Book recommendation:

Because it’s Pride Month and we must also continue to do the work of mourning, I would like to tell you that The Farewell Symphony by Edmund White is a fine, fine novel!

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