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An Island is a World
Arrival of the Snake-Woman
Behind the Face of Winter
The Chinese Knot and Other Stories
Dancing in the Dust
Descent into Night
Downward This Dog
Drums of My Flesh
Echoes from the Other Land
Electric Fences
Fauji Banta Singh and Other Stories
The Fourth Canvas 
Ghost Boys
The Ghosts of Smyrna
The Harem
Jewels and Other Stories
Last Cool Days
Lingering Tide and Other Stories
Lives: Whole and Otherwise
Looking for Josephine
My Brahmin Days and Other Stories
The Obeah Man
The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories
Picture Bride
Return to Arcadia
Rosa's District 6
The Strike
Things She Could Never Have
This Book Betrays My Brother
Those Who Eat the Cascadura
When the Bottom Falls Out
Why Don't You Carve Other Animals
Without a Name

The Writing Circle


Another Nirvana
Assi Manifesto
Bleeding Light
Blueberries and Apricots
Caribbean Blues & Love's Genealogy
Consensual Genocide
de book of Mary
Do Not Enter My Soul in Your Shoes
Enough to be Mortal Now
Flesh, Tongue
The Game of 100 Ghosts
The Greatest Films
How to Dance in This Rarefied Air
In a Boston Night
Inheritance (Yerushe)
Insurgent Rain
Lantana Strangling Ixora
Love Cake
Love in a Time of Technology
Message Sticks
Monsoon on the Fingers of God
Night Artillery
No More Watno Dur
Nuff Said
The Perfect Unravelling of the Spirit
Redemption Rain
River and Bridge 
The Space That Connects Us
Subversive Sonnets
Then There Were No Witnesses
To Love a Palestinian Woman
travelogue of the bereaved
Turkish Delight, Montreal Winter
Uncivil War
Voices from Kibuli Country
Wanting in Arabic: 2nd Edition 
Wilting Laughter

You Cannot Turn Away


Truth and Treason


Beyond Sangre Grande
Her Mother's Ashes 3
In Our Translated World: Contemporary Global Tamil Poetry
The Muslimah Who Fell to Earth
Re-Imaging the Sky
Shakti's Words
Strike the Wok


Wang Dehui: Oil and Chinese Brush Paintings


Belonging and Banishment
Beyond Silence
Closed Entrances
Configurations of Exile
Confluences 1: Essays on the New Canadian Literature
Confluences 2
Dark Antonyms and Paradise
Fire Walkers
History and Imagination
Indenture and Abolition 
Into that Heaven of Freedom
Majalis al-ilm
Moveable Margins 
Of Hockey and Hijab
Once Upon a Time in Bollywood
Oppositional Aesthetics
Ordeal by Fire
Postcolonialism: My Living
The Relevance of Islamic Identity in Canada
Shadows of the Crimson Sun
Strangers in the Mirror
The Tanganyika Way
The Texture of Identity
Tiger Girl (Hu Nu)
Transcultural Reinventions
Transnational Poetics
Troubled Pilgrimage: Passage to Pakistan
Why We Write
World Without Walls
Writing from the Borderlands